Flight- TJ Prodigy EP

In 2014 TJ Prodigy released his first album, a 6 song EP titled “Flight.” Featuring all original material from TJ with special guests Tae Brooks and C&K, Flight is sure to be a milestone in TJ’s musical journey. Flight contains upbeat tracks that make you want to get up and dance like David did, such as “Crank the Bass,” but also serious songs that leave the listener inspired and encouraged to believe in themselves and in God’s plan, like “Fly Away.” TJ Prodigy’s goal with his first album project was to make an album that was diverse enough so that every listener could find at least one song they could relate to in some way. “Flight,” as it suggests, highlights TJ’s takeoff into his music ministry and is only a preview of what is to be expected from TJ in the future.

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TJ Prodigy is a gifted rapper who clearly is taking meteoric steps forward in terms of his overall craft, while telling some important stories that need to be told and encouraging anyone who will listen to keep dreaming… Full album review here.

Marcus Hathcock

Executive Editor, New Release Tuesday

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